About us

Together-Razem” Centre was founded in November 2006 by a group of Polish volunteers in response to the growing number of Polish immigrants in the City and County of Cork. Together-Razem in 2010, having met the criteria of the Revenue Charities Section, became a registered charity – CHY 19216. Since 2012 it operates as a Limited Company and retains Charitable Status by not having a share capital.

The mission of ‘Together-Razem’ is to promote social inclusion of Eastern European (especially Polish) migrants, and to support migrants in need. We advise, support and promote integration and voluntary work.




We offer a wide variety of services, including:


·       Social advice bureau

·       Translation and interpreting

·       Legal aid clinics

·       Online support @ www.poradniaonline.org

·       Psychological counselling

·       Befriending programme for the homeless

·       Drama group Bric-a-Brac

·       Addiction counselling: ‘U-Clinic’

·       Child development consultancy

·       First aid courses for parents & children

·       English classes for adults

·       Beginner Polish classes for adults (aimed at English speakers)

·       ‘Activator’ program for the unemployed

·       “Tea or coffee” social group for older members of Polish community

·       Polish Community News @ Life FM Radio 93.1 Cork

·       Mother and toddler playgroup

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