How to…?

How to register?



  1. Go to the local council & get a RFA 2 form.
  2. Fill out the form.
  3. Go to the local Garda Station with the form filled out & picture id, passport or driving license, the Garda on duty will stamp & witness the application.
  4. Return to the form to the local council.


How to cast your vote?


  1. A Election polling sheet will be sent to your residence several days before an election.
  2. Go to the assigned polling station with picture id & hand over the polling sheet with your id.
  3. A ballot sheet will be given to you, take this ballot sheet to the assigned enclosed area to cast your vote.
  4. Place your vote into the ballot box.


It is important to note that Ireland uses a Proportional Representation voting system, where you vote by placing a number beside the candidate, starting from 1 & continuing up. Also if you mark the ballot sheet in another way other, your vote is “spoilt” & will not be counted.

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