Why vote?



To have a say in the world around you it is important to voice your opinion in an appropriate manner or your message is lost to the method of delivery. This begins with your vote & participating in your community. Since May 2012 the European Citizens’ Initiative allows EU citizens propose legislation to the European Commission.

Local Government:

Responsibilities & decision-making of local authorities are shared between the elected members of the Council & the City/County Managers.

The function of the local authorities are:

  • Housing
  • Planning
  • Roads & Transportation Management
  • Water supply and sewerage
  • Development incentives and controls
  • Environmental protection e.g. rivers, air etc
  • Recreation facilities and amenities e.g. Parks
  • Agriculture, education, health & safety

Also the City or County Councils represent local communities by expression local concerns and reacting to local requirements.

European Parliament:

The European Parliament is the elected body of MEPs that represent the EU Citizen at Government level.

The Functions of the European Parliament are extremely important.

The European Parliament has the power of legislation with the European Council which is made up of the Heads of State & European President & President of the European Commission.

The European Parliament share the European Council the responsibility of the EU Budget & it is responsibility of overseeing it implementation.

The European Parliament also oversee the other European Union’s institutions such as the Commission, which initiates European legislation, & it elects the President of the Commission.

Under the Lisbon Treaty under the European Citizen’s Initiative legislation can be propose to the Commission by any EU Citizen group with representing 1 million EU citizen from a quarter of the Nations of the EU.

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